Give a little,it means a lot

A bag with 10 GBP worth of necessities,
and time spent with the recipient,
can turn someones life around

We fill a bag with 10 GBP worth of things for different groups of people.

Then we add a little note of love for the recipient.

We give the bag to the people who need it, and we spend time with them too.

We commit to connecting with 100 people each year & the bag is our conversation starter.

All our bags are curated and
packed by hand - with love


Sewing Kits


Sports wear








Homeless people in London & Glasgow provided with warm clothes, hats, gloves, socks, t-shirts, sleeping bags, towels and scarves. We don't just pound the streets to drop off bags. That's not the aim. Instead we take the time to say hello, engage in conversation, and share stories.


Girls in Kenya and India provided with school supplies (notebooks, pens, pencils, calculators, erasers, rulers etc) + sanitary towels so that they don't miss four-seven days of school a month. We go to these schools ourselves and spend time in the classrooms.

Just 10 GBP helps us provide small groups of people with the things that you and I take for granted. From the everyday items that help us survive in the world to the tools that help us learn, grow, create, connect and smile. We strive to connect with recipients and the bags are our way of saying hello. Over the years, family, friends and their kids have also joined us in giving time.

9700 GBP

Spent so far on
filling bags with items


Bags distributed
around the world


Sleeping bags for the homeless

Carrying your bed around town is not easy. We took foldable sleeping bags and warm clothes to the homeless in London - something that was portable, comfortable and cosy for the winter months.


School supplies for young kids

Girls in rural areas often take up to seven days a month off school because they don't have access to sanitary towels which hinders their education and ostracizes them from their classmates. We brought food, sanitary towels and school supplies to 120 girls in Kenya and 250 kids in India.


Forgotten widows of Vrindavan

We will be taking shawls to widows in India banished from their homes because of cultural stereotypes. We are also in the process of partnering with other organisations to develop a teaching program to bring these women back into society.


Picture books to connect generations

We are creating a series of picture books with illustrators from across the world to enable grandparents and grandchildren who READ different languages to connect through storytelling - with no written words, imagination and creativity kick in to develop your own playful narratives.

Who we are

In-The-Bag is a simple concept founded in 2010 to provide both necessities to those who don't have access to daily essentials and also the stuff that enables people to grow and change their own lives. We alternate between providing functional things like warm clothes to the homeless on the streets one year and creative tools to empower kids and the elderly the next year.

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