Give a little,it means a lot

A bag with £10 worth of things that
can turn someone’s life around


We fill a bag with £10 worth of ‘things’ for different groups of people.

You buy a bag, and write a personalised note to the receipient.

We give the bag to the people that need it, taking care of the shipping and distribution too.

Every penny you donate is spent in filling the bags with useful, helpful items.

All our bags are curated and
packed by hand - with love


Sewing Kits


Sports wear








Homeless people in London & Glasgow provided with warm clothes, hats, gloves, socks, t-shirts, sleeping bags, towels and scarves. The campaign is repeated every other year with an ever expanding range of items provided.


Girls in Kenya provided with school supplies (notebooks, pens, pencils, calculators, erasers, rulers etc) + sanitary towels so that they don't miss four days of school a month.

Just £10 helps us provide niche groups of people with the things that you and I take for granted. From the everyday items that help us survive in the world to the tools that help us learn, grow, create, connect and smile.


Spent so far on
filling bags with items


Bags distributed
around the world


Sleeping bags for the homeless

Our campaign for 2015 is focused on providing foldable sleeping bags for the homeless - something that is portable, comfortable and warm for the winter months.


Picture books to connect generations

Our campaign for 2016 will see us working with illustrators in India to develop picture books to connect grandparents with grandkids to foster imagination and to create new generations of stories.


Keeping the homeless warm

Watch this space or contact us with suggestions.

Who we are

In-The-Bag is a simple concept founded in 2010 to provide both necessities to those who don't have access to daily essentials and also the stuff that enables people to grow and change their own lives. We alternate between providing functional things like warm clothes to the homeless on the streets one year and creative tools to empower kids and the elderly the next year.

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